Athos Cakiades

The Story

Nobody expects the young apricot farmer Zosimos to be a hero of the ancient world — least of all him. A troublemaking eleven-year-old with a quick wit, he accidentally creates the art of comedy when his ritual “Peace” attracts the wrong kind of attention from certain gods, as well as Greece’s King Cecrops, who is trying to lead his country into an ill-advised war. The mischievous boy and his friends soon find themselves at the center of an epic battle including gods, monsters, and soldiers of ice! Athena risks everything when she decides to defend him because both her claim to being god of wisdom and the fate of civilization are at stake. Through the power of his convictions, Zosimos proves that, even in a world of powerful beings, sometimes it’s humans that make the biggest difference.

Author’s Note

Hello and welcome, I’m Athos. I’m an actor and writer who lives in New York City by way of the Garden State. My mother’s side of the family is from Corinth, Greece and my father’s side is from the island of Lemnos. Both Greek and American schools exposed me to mythology as well as Latin and Greek languages at an early age. From middle school through college, I translated works by Cicero, Catullus and several books of Virgil’s Aeneid. I hold an undergraduate degree in linguistics from The University of Pennsylvania. Writing and performing in any way at any time are my passions and I hope this story makes you think and laugh. Please drop a line with your thoughts at Thanks for stopping by!